A letter to my beloved child !

A primer on saving

My love for you is bigger than an ocean

Every day you ask me “Mom, which star on the dark sky is the most beautiful?” My answer is always “it is the star named as yours!”

My beloved child,

I still remember I was very happy when I knew that I was pregnant. It is a miracle. It likes having “a bud” growing up inside me. An immature creature must be sheltered and protected. Happiness came to me suddenly. You were growing up inside me along with tiny moves. It’s such a lovely thing. You moved; you wished to let me know that you were healthy.

Then the expected day came, I could see you utter a cry when brought into the world; the morning sunlight shone you, my daughter. I cried how sweet happiness was. It’s a milestone of my life. Holding your little beautiful hand and facing you on my chest were a miracle. You are a pure pearl granted to me; your lovely smile likes an angel that made me overcome obstacles and troubles. I much worried when you were ill. I took care of you all night long, replacing the towel on your forehead with other wet towel due to your perspiration so that you could feel comfortable. I am happy when you sleep well, smile, love your life and so on. Do you know that my love for you is higher than mountain, bigger than an ocean and sweeter than water flowing from its source? Seeing you grow up day by day, watching your steps, gestures, performance have made me happy. I trust that all mothers around the world love their children the most. Although each mother expresses her love differently, all of them are compassionate mothers with silent sacrifice.

The first savings book for you

For my beloved daughter, I and your father came to Sacombank office to open Future Deposit savings book on your first birthday. It is the first savings book in your life which you are the beneficiary, is it a special gift? Until now, you have gone with us to the bank office monthly in order to deposit money for over 5 years. You are glad when you can meet with a nice bank staff that you love regularly, while we have the confidence in a bright future that we can bring to you.

I am always beside you

My beloved child,

I am happy when I see you smile and grow up naturally. My little angel, do you know that your existence brings me much happiness? You are my most precious asset. My love for you cannot be measured. Do remember that I am always beside you anytime you need me the most.

I love you!

បិទ ​០២៣ ២២៣ ៤២៣ ថ្លៃសេវា អត្រាការប្រាក់ អត្រាប្តូរប្រាក់ ស្នើសុំឥណទាន ផ្ដល់មតិយោបល់ ឱកាសការងារ កម្មវិធីប្រូម៉ូសិន បណ្តាញ​ប្រតិបត្តិការ
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