Term Savings

Easy, safe and highly profitable deposit.


  • Entitled to get various annual promotions.
  • Get attractive term interest rate.
  • Proactively select interest payment method.
  • Early withdrawal on demand.
  • Use Savings book to pledge for loans, prove financial capacity or other banking services.


  • Eligible depositor:
    + VND: Vietnamese and foreign individuals.
    + USD/EUR: Vietnamese residents.
  • Term: From 1 to 36 months.
  • Deposit type: VND, USD, EUR.
  • Initial minimum deposit:
    + VND: VND 50,000
    + Foreign currencies: USD/EUR 50
  • Interest rate: fixed during term (please refer to table of interest rates ).

Conditions and documents

  • Effective ID/Indentity card/Passport.

You’ll get a quick response when registering online with Sacombank

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