Branch Manager

Branch Manager

Closing Date: 30-July-2023 at 05:00 PM

Job Details

  • Job Location: Phnom Penh
  • Number of Hiring: 03
  • Salary: Negotiable

Job Description

  • Manage and run the general operations of the Branch.
  • Managing, training and developing employees in the Branch.

1. Manage and run the general operations of the Branch:
– Organize, deploy, manage, operate and supervise all aspects of the branch’s operations to achieve the results of the financial plan and ensure operational stability, protect the Bank’s reputation and brand.
– Organize the development, allocation, and monitoring of progress and direct the implementation of the business plan assigned to the professional Department/ Professional department (business indicators: credit, mobilization, service collection, orientation program …)
– Organize the implementation and supervision of customer care activities, protect the prestige of the Bank’s brand name, and stabilize banking operations.
– Manage and improve operations of the entire Branch within the scope of the Bank’s permission and the law.
2. Managing, training and developing employees in the Branch:
– Organize the management, training and development of Branch employees.
– Conducting the recruitment and organization of training and training of personnel; arrange appropriately, evaluate the performance and achievements of employees at the Branch.
– Develop and implement the Branch’s staff training and development programs.
– Disseminate professional ethics standards, strictly manage the compliance and compliance with the internal rules and professional regulations of Branch employees.

3. Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors of the Bank.

Job Requirements

  • Graduate: Economic, Accounting, Finance Banking/marketing.
  • English Language: Good
  • Computer: Proficient in office computers and software applications.
  • At least 06 years of working experience in Finance and Banking.
  • At least 03 years in management and administration.
  • Understanding about the business operations of the banks in the area.
  • Having legal knowledge related to business activities, especially in the field of Finance and Banking.
  • Management capacity, operating:
  • Capacity to manage change.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Communication skills, negotiation.
  • Have a vision, ability to analyse, predict, and judge.
  • The rate of completing the branch’s business target: …%
  • Number of customers increased compared to the previous year reached …%.
  • The level of customer satisfaction with branch operations: ………%
  • The accounting and vault accounting activities ensure the following errors: ……..%
  • The level of local government support for the branch’s operations: ……%
  • Minimum staff training: …… hour / year.
  • Incidents happened at the Branch and its affiliates, causing damage to the Bank’s assets, interests and reputation: …the / year.
  • The number of inheritance training is…. Person / year.

How to Apply

Interest applicants are invited to bring their updated CV (Application Form Sample), state the position applied for, and attach a current photo (4X6) along with relevant documents to Sacombank Cambodia Head Office or by e-mail:

Human Resources Department:
Sacombank Cambodia
Address: #60, Preah Norodom Boulevard, Sangkat Chey Chumneas, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.
Tel: 023 223 422
Fax: 023 223 433

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